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Kids Clothes


Do you hate selling your kids outgrown stuff, lack the time to do it and wish someone would do it for you?! We can help.

There’s no denying that selling your outgrown kids clothes can be hard work and time consuming.

We would love to sell your items from you, in an easy hassle-free way! 


It couldn’t be easier – you don’t need to sort them or take photos, just stick them all in a bag or box, and either choose to drop them off to us during our monthly "drop" or we can arrange to collect. You can include different sizes, genders, brands and seasons within the same parcel, and these can be completely mixed – you don’t need to separate into brands or sizes. Who has time for all that?!

Most members find it is best to wait until they have a large bundle of about 100+ items to make it more worthwhile. (Please bear in mind that not all items may be accepted, so please ensure you are sending good condition items that meet our brand resale standards.)


Commission for each item is split by brand and we use a three tier system. We will price items at our discretion but rest assured we aim to offer a fair price for buyers and sellers alike. Please visit our page for full details. 


Once we receive your items please allow 10 working days for us to process them (often it is quicker than this). We will contact you via email to let you know your total payment, and request your bank or paypal details in order to pay this to you.



You can choose to receive your payment either in cash (Paypal or bank transfer) OR as a voucher for store credit to spend on our website. If you would like to choose the store credit option we will add an extra 10% onto your total. 



We can only pay for items we can sell – most bundles we receive do have the odd few rejected items.

(we know our parents are busy, and we don’t expect everything to be perfect!).

We will ask you whether you want any rejected items back or not. (Please note that we are unable to send photos or details of which items have been rejected or why, due to the large volume of items we sort on a daily basis.)

 If you do not want them back then we can recycle them in our playwear bundles, which we sell on Ebay to parents as clothes for doing messy stuff in! They’re a great eco-friendly way to recycle items that you don’t want back, and ensure they don’t end up in landfill. 

If you do want your rejected items back and you’re local to us then we will hold any rejected items for 7 days, and you can collect these back from us during this time. Anything left uncollected within 7 days of us messaging you will go into our playwear bundles, we aren’t able to hold items for more than 7 days.

PLEASE NOTE WE WILL *NOT* RETURN ANY ITEMS THAT WE HAVE ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, ONCE YOUR BUNDLE HAS BEEN PROCESSED. Accepted items go straight into our stock boxes and are paid for using the payment rates outlined in our commission structure and cannot be returned once we have sorted them. It is only unaccepted items that we can return (at your own cost).


PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE HAPPY WITH OUR T&C’S ABOVE BEFORE SENDING ANY ITEMS TO US! By sending your items to us you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions in full, and our discretion on what we will and won’t accept is final.


Please also note we DO sell your items on for a profit, we are a business not a charity like some second-hand shops, and we will use our discretion as to what prices we sell items on for. Please ensure you are completely happy with this before you sell your items to us!


We hope that we provide a helpful service in enabling people to get rid of large amounts of items (which would otherwise sit bagged up and unsold for months) in one go with no hassle, make some cash back and know that you’re helping the environment at the same time.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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